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in Sports, Spine, Muscle, Joint and Health Care

 Clinica Verde provide innovative and natural, hands on solutions to eliminate pain and solving back and joint pain or any other condition you suffer. The clinic combines years of experience and new technologies in Cannabis Industrie.

CV Tips to get your Medical Cannabis Patient Card

Copy of Driver’s License or Passport.

Fill out the Medical Cannabis Patient Card Application.

Recommendation of Authorized Physician.

$ 25.00 Postal Order or Check Certificate in the name of “Secretary of the Treasury

Puerto Rico Health Department Conditions List:

The Department of Health of Puerto Rico has listed the specific conditions that generally exhibit the symptoms that can be treated with medicinal cannabis. If you do not find your condition on this list, it’s not a problem. The intention of Medicinal Cannabis is to relieve symptoms and a special category has been assigned if you suffer from conditions that exhibit these symptoms.

At Clínica Verde we make sure that our dispensaries have the best selection for your treatment options. Our highly trained team will guide you through the process to ensure the best healing experience with your treatment.

Complete the ID process
by yourself on:

Remember to follow all the CV Tips to start this process. 

Select Clínica Verde in Greenflower Health and receive your ID in one of our dispensaries.
Request your
ID with:
Use our promo code: clinicaverde
Receive 10% of discount on your request payment
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